1-Year Emergency Food Supply (2,000+ calories/day)

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Ready Hour 1-Year Emergency Food Supply!

Are you prepared for any crisis that comes your way? With our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply, you'll have peace of mind knowing you have 21 food varieties packed in ultra-durable packaging to sustain you for long-term emergencies. Here's why our supply stands out:

  • NO SKIMPING ON YOUR SURVIVAL: Our meals provide 2,000+ calories per day on average. We understand that calories are crucial to survival, and we refuse to compromise on your well-being.

  • DECADES-LONG SHELF LIFE: Our meals can be stored for up to 25 years, ensuring long-lasting freshness and peace of mind.

  • NO FOOD BOREDOM: With over 20 flavorful food and drink varieties, you won't have to worry about monotonous meals during challenging times.

  • HIGH-QUALITY PACKAGING: Our meals are packaged in resealable, heavy-duty 4-layer pouches with multiple oxygen absorbers, guaranteeing the preservation of taste and nutrients.

  • DISASTER-DURABLE BUCKETS: The pouches are sealed in 24 rugged, water-resistant buckets, specially designed for long-term storage. These buckets weigh 480 pounds, providing stability and protection.

  • EASY TO STACK AND STORE: The buckets have a compact size of 12" x 12" x 15 1/4", allowing for easy stacking and efficient use of space.

  • HOMEGROWN: Our products are proudly made in the USA without MSG, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Survival is all about calories and energy. Our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply offers over 2,000 calories per day for 360 days, providing you with the sustenance you need during challenging times.

It's not just about being prepared; it's about being ready for anything. Our emergency food supply is ideal for various emergencies, including solar flares, terroristic attacks, power grid disruptions, military conflicts, economic crises, food shortages, and natural disasters like meteor strikes and volcanic eruptions.

To start building your food storage plan, we recommend having at least three months' worth of food per person. Our 1-Year Emergency Food Supply can feed 1 person for 360 days, 2 people for 180 days, a family of 4 for 90 days, or even a family of 6 for 60 days! No matter the number of people you plan to feed, our supply ensures you'll have access to food when you need it most.

Preparing meals from our supply is simple. Just add water to make delicious, high-calorie meals. To prepare the entire supply, set aside 156.25 gallons of water in your emergency water supply.

For additional options and customization, consider supplementing your supply with our popular emergency food additions. From fruit and veggie mixes to protein kits, breakfast favorites, and gluten-free options, you can personalize your emergency stockpile to meet your preferences and nutritional needs.

We take your safety seriously. All our Ready Hour foods and packaging undergo regular, rigorous testing to exceed industry standards for safety, quality, and shelf life. We conduct extensive inspections and sensory testing to ensure the highest level of satisfaction.

Don't delay—prepare today! As the original Patriot company, we've been helping individuals like you become self-reliant. Order your 1-Year Emergency Food Supply now and be queued up for lightning-fast delivery. Remember, it's not just food; it's freedom.

Please note that due to historic demands, delivery may take 3-4 weeks. So, act now to ensure you have what you need when disaster strikes.

*Some individuals may require more than 2,000 calories per day, such as certain adult men and pregnant and lactating women