Alexapure Emergency Water Bank

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the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank: Innovative Water Storage That Blows Barrels Away!

When disaster strikes, one thing you can always count on is the potential disruption of your water supply. But with the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank, you'll be prepared with months of drinking water right in your own home, while others scramble to find even a few bottles.

Experience the EASIEST and most AFFORDABLE way to store emergency water, all while taking up HARDLY ANY SPACE!

Key Features of the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank:

  1. BPA-Free Liner: Rest easy knowing that your water is stored in a safe, BPA-free liner. We prioritize your health and well-being.

  2. Convenient Siphon Pump: Extracting water has never been easier. The included siphon pump allows you to access your stored water with ease.

  3. Easy-to-Follow Instructions: No complicated setup or confusion. Our clear instructions guide you through the simple process of setting up and utilizing the Emergency Water Bank.

  4. Versatile Bathtub Fit: Whether you have a large or small bathtub, the Water Bank is designed to fit just about any size. Maximize your storage space without limitations.

  5. Quick Filling Time: In just 30 minutes or less, your Emergency Water Bank can be fully filled and ready for use. No lengthy waiting periods or wasted time.

  6. Impressive Capacity: With a storage capacity of up to 65 gallons*, the Water Bank provides ample drinking water to sustain you and your loved ones during emergencies.

  7. Extended Freshness: Our Water Bank is designed to keep water fresh for up to 16 weeks**. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your stored water is clean and ready to drink when you need it most.

Holds About Two Months of Water for One Person:

In times of emergency, the average adult requires approximately one gallon of water per day. With the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank's maximum capacity of 65 gallons, you'll have a daily supply of one gallon for over two months. Be prepared and stay hydrated even during extended crises.

Heavy-Duty & Safe Design:

Constructed with heavy-duty, FDA-approved, 10-mil Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) plastic, the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank ensures the safe storage of drinking water. Our materials are carefully chosen to meet the highest standards of quality and safety.

Smart Design That Saves Money and Headaches:

During a long-term emergency, water may still flow from the tap for a few hours or even days before becoming contaminated or cut off completely. The Alexapure Emergency Water Bank leverages this crucial window of time, providing you with up to 65 gallons of water at minimal cost.

Setup is a breeze: Simply lay out the plastic bladder in your bathtub before or after a disaster. Attach the opening of the bladder to the tub faucet and run the water until the Water Bank is full. And whenever you need water, utilize the convenient hand-operated pump to extract it.

Please note that the Water Bank is designed for one-time use, providing you with a reliable and efficient solution for emergency water storage.

Don't leave your water supply to chance. Invest in the Alexapure Emergency Water Bank and be prepared for any emergency. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having months of drinking water readily available, right in the comfort of your own home.

*Achieves maximum shelf life when stored in cool, dark, dry conditions.

**Water Bank designed for one-time use.